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**1. Definitions**

1.1. In these terms and conditions, "We" or "Us" refers to Hopkins Fencing, and "The Purchaser" refers to the individual or legal entity addressed in this quotation seeking to purchase goods from us.

**2. Quotation**

2.1. All quotations are provided as estimates and are subject to potential withdrawal, correction, or alteration at any point in time.

2.2. Acceptance of any quotation is contingent upon full payment being made to us upon completion of the work, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

2.3. Quotations are based on installations during standard working hours.

2.4. Failure to provide site access for the commencement of works on the agreed date will result in an invoice for the originally scheduled labor time.

2.5. Any additional costs incurred due to overtime work requested by the Purchaser or due to the Purchaser's failure to provide site access for the works will be added to the contract.

2.6. Commencement of work by us at the Purchaser's request signifies acceptance of a contract incorporating the terms and conditions stated herein, unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing.

**3. Changes and Additional Work**

3.1. Any changes to the accepted quotation, such as alterations to location or design, may result in additional material costs.

3.2. If additional work is required beyond the initially agreed-upon scope, it cannot be guaranteed to occur simultaneously with the original works.

**4. Installation**

4.1. While installation dates are provided in good faith, adjustments may be necessary. In such cases, we will notify the customer with at least 24 hours' notice.

4.2. The Purchaser is responsible for providing accurate information and supervising installers regarding the location of the new fence.

4.3. Compliance with fence height regulations and legal requirements is the responsibility of the Purchaser.

4.4. Any disputes regarding the placement of the new fence after installation are not the liability of Hopkins Fencing.

4.5. Unless explicitly stated in the quotation, allowances have not been made for obstructions encountered during the project. Additional charges for labor and necessary equipment will apply for addressing such obstructions.

4.6. Adverse weather conditions may result in non-completion of work on the scheduled date. We retain the right to reschedule contracts for health and safety reasons.

4.7. While efforts are made to avoid damage to garden plants during installations, the Purchaser must allow for necessary cutting back to access the work area.

4.8. If a quotation excludes material supply costs, the Purchaser is responsible for providing the correct materials on time. Failure to provide sufficient notice for any issues preventing work will result in additional charges.

4.9. Any unused or unfixed materials remaining after job completion remain our property and will be removed from the site by us.

**5. Underground Services**

5.1. The Purchaser must inform us of any known underground services that may interfere with the proposed work. We are not liable for damages to such services resulting from the fence installation.

5.2. Changes to fence location or design may result in additional charges for extra materials required.

**6. Material**

6.1. Timber is a natural material and subject to characteristics such as cracking, warping, shrinking, and splitting. These characteristics are not defects and will often stabilize over time without impacting the timber's strength.

**7. Payment, Deposits & Cancellation**

7.1. A 50% deposit is required upon order confirmation to secure the work. The remaining balance is due upon completion. Payment can be made via BACS transfer.

7.2. Cancellation of a fencing project must follow the outlined procedure.

7.3. A set scale of charges applies for deposit refunds based on cancellation timing.

7.4. Full refunds may be considered at the discretion of Hopkins Fencing Ltd.

7.5. Accepted payment methods include cash and online payments (e.g., BACS or Bank Transfers), with details provided on invoices.

7.6. Material ownership remains with Hopkins Fencing until full payment is received.

7.7. We retain the right to halt material supply and work if outstanding progress claims remain unpaid.

7.8. Final payment is due within 3 working days of the tax invoice, unless otherwise specified.

7.9. Ownership transfer of goods occurs only after full invoice payment.

7.10. Overdue invoices may incur interest and debt recovery costs as allowed by the Late Payment legislation. The compensation rate is determined by the delay in payment.

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