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Mesh fencing panels are extremely versatile as they cater for all security categories. Hopkins Contracting can supply and install your perfect solution.

Mesh Fencing Systems range from low height open mesh panels to secure anti-cut, anti-climb systems. Rigid mesh fencing makes the ideal partner to CCTV/surveillance systems, and in situations where supervision is required.

All rigid mesh fencing offers:

  • High through visibility

  • Resistance to vandalism and climbing

  • Aesthetic appeal

  • Minimal impact on surrounding area

  • Long life

  • Low maintenance

The different profiles are:

Prison Mesh.png

358 (Prison Mesh)

Available up to a height of six metres, this is the ideal fencing solution when you need high levels of security, combined with minimal visual impact. ​

The small mesh aperture is designed to be toe and finger proof, making it an anti-climb and anti-cut fence with high resistance to vandalism. It is almost impossible to cut the wires using conventional bolt or wire cutters. For an even greater level of security, extra length panels can be buried below ground to prevent digging underneath the fence line.

Although incredibly secure, this option allows excellent through visibility when the fence is viewed head-on or even at an angle. This is especially important if the fence will be used with an access control/ surveillance system.

Choose from either flat or profiled panels: the profiled option incorporates a pressed ‘V-beam’. Both options have a long life and low maintenance requirements.


Our double wire mesh provides a versatile mesh fence which is stronger than the single wire by having twin 6mm horizontal wires welded to the vertical wire. With the added strength, double wired fences makes the perfect solution for MUGAS (Multi Use Games Areas), school playing fields, ball parks, play areas and tennis courts.

  • Full range of RAL colours available

  • Standard height`s 1m to 3m

  • Other sizes available on request

  • Available in 3 wire options

    • 656 Double Wire – Cost Effective

    • 868 Double Wire – Rigity and Strength

    • 868 Rebound Double Wire – For multi use games areas, the wire mesh spaces are closer together at the bottom section of the panel helping the ball rebound back into the court.



Increasingly popular perimeter fencing system V-Mesh is designed to be unobtrusive whilst still offering a good level of security.


The weld mesh panels with longitudinal profiles are manufactured from 5mm (nom.) horizontal and 4mm (nom.) vertical wires to give 200 x 50mm maximum wire centre spacing.


Our Paladin profiled mesh systems are the next grade above the cost-effective V Profile mesh system. An additional vertical is added offering a further rigidity to the panel to enhance security.

  • Complies with BS1722-14

  • Matching pedestrian and vehicle gates can be made to suit

  • Heights available from 1.2m up to 3m

  • Standard RAL 6005 (Moss Green)

  • Full range of RAL colours available

Chain Link.PNG

Chainlink and weldmesh are styles of fencing that have been used for many years for many ranges of uses from large boundary’s to demarcation lines. It is made from woven steel wire and can be installed with speed which makes it an economic choice.

  • Available in galvanised or a range or PVC coated finishes

  • Posts are available in metal or concrete

  • Conforms to BS 1722 Part1

  • Range of heights starting at 900mm

  • A wide range of uses – Children`s play area`s, playing field, recreation ground, garden divides and tennis courts.

If you would like to arrange a free no obligation on site survey or you have any other kind of enquiry please complete the form below, alternatively call us direct on 023 92 694 444 or email

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